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Cold cream dispenser, 2x5 liters insulated bowls

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  • SP is a compact countertop machine that dispenses cold creams, sorbets and other creamy specialties, with n. 2x5 liters bowls. This equipment has been carefully designed to ensure the utmost safety and quality of the dispensed product.

    It works with water or milk-based powdered preparations or ready-made mixes in cartons to be poured directly into the bowl. SP also comes in one or two bowl versions that operate independently.
    Easy to use and clean, all parts that come in contact with the product can be disassembled without using any tools.
    SP also offers a significant ROI due to its high overrun.

    Many innovative features and patents are now standard in the new SP, thus improving the performance of one of the most reliable, best-selling pieces of equipment available on the market:
    - ITANK® INSULATED BOWL. Thanks to the unique bowl patented by SPM, energy consumption is reduced and the product reaches the set consistency much more quickly.
    - HYBRID CONTROL OF CONSISTENCY. Exclusively patented by SPM. The integrated software allows the equipment to self-adjust to ensure that the product always has the same consistency, from the first to the last drop dispensed.
    - GREEN GAS. R290 (PROPANE) refrigerant gas will be used in all of our equipment, in compliance with European and environmental regulations.
    - BPA-FREE BOWL. The BPA-free bowl has several advantages including higher resistance to impact, greater transparency, better thermal and chemical resistance, and total absence of bisphenol A.
    - CONTROL ALSO IN DEFROST MODE. Product quality is maintained also in DEFROST mode. A sensor allows the temperature to be controlled, thus avoiding sudden fluctuations that would degrade the product and compromise the final result.
    - A NEW DESIGN, INCREASED ERGONOMICS. The new style gives SP a modern, attractive look, while the new screw for adjusting product hardness makes changing the settings easier and quicker.

Key informations
  • Bowls 2
  • Bowl capacity 5 + 5 liters
  • Control board Mechanical
  • Standard color White - Black
  • I-Tank™ insulated bowl Yes
  • Bowl lighting No
  • nUV LED sanitation system No
Technical specifications
  • Cooling system Air
  • Standard voltage 230/50 V/Hz
  • Special voltage 115/60 V/Hz
  • Absorption 765 Watt
Dimensions and weight
  • Equipment size: width 447 mm
  • Equipment size: depth 440 mm
  • Equipment size: height 613 mm
  • Net weight 48 kg
Refrigeration Data
  • Refrigerating gas R290
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