Soft ice-cream machines
Small Solution Range

This range of machines is designed to have a very low volume and maximum quietness. This makes them perfect to be positioned on the counter-top in a coffee bar.
These ice cream machines allow even those with limited space and small consumption levels to increase their offer of soft ice-creams and frozen yogurt, preventing waste or large investments in oversize systems.

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  • K Soft with pump

    K Soft with pump

    Soft serve machine, counter top, 2 + 1 liters capacity, 5kg/h, pump feeding
  • K Soft gravity

    K Soft gravity

    Soft serve machine, counter top, 2,5 + 1 liters capacity, 5kg/h, gravity feeding
  • Karma with pump

    Karma with pump

    Soft serve machine, counter top, 4,5 + 2,3 liters capacity, 9kg/h, pump feeding
  • Karma gravity

    Karma gravity

    Soft serve machine, counter top, 6,5 + 2,3 liters capacity, 9kg/h, gravity feeding

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