Our goals:

  • designing and producing high quality professional equipment;
  • developing a relationship of trust with our customers;
  • innovating constantly;
  • respecting the environment.

How we achieve them:

> Quality. First of all.

We are oriented toward a path of continuous improvement, a guarantee in choosing us as partners for the development of national and international projects.
SPM Drink Systems is certified by TÜV according to the standard and the guidelines UNI EN ISO 9001- sector EA18, in order to perform with care the business processes, improve the effectiveness and efficiency in the realization of the machines and in the provision of the service and to achieve and increase the satisfaction of the customer.
The machines with the SPM Drink Systems brand are produced in the plant of Spilamberto (MO) and all are CE certified.
The Quality Management department, working in close relationship with the other areas of the company, guarantees the respect of the procedures in the context of continuous improvement of processes and product quality, durability and reliability.
Specific certifications are required on the basis of the regulations in force in the countries where the customers of SPM Drink Systems operate, for example the certifications ETL, IMQ and others, to meet the needs of the customers and to operate always in compliance with the provisions of the law

> Focus on our customers.

Our customer is the most important asset of our company.

Our goal is to create a relationship of trust, a collaboration, a partnership between us and our customer.
Our customers are our most precious assets and must be cultivated every day, listening to their needs and objectives to provide the machines to achieve them.

> Everyday for our future.

Before being entrepreneurs we are responsible persons.

We feel as a priority the need to build a better future for our children and a healthier environment in which they will live. For this reason every day we work on exclusive innovations and projects able to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

We invested in the application of a natural gas: all the equipment we produce are already available with the R290 propane gas option.

> Non-stop innovation.

NINA, I-PRO Series, GT Series, SP Series, the insulated tank ITank are only some of the innovations that we have achieved in recent years and that have made a difference on the market for the HoReCa operators, defining new standards in the industry.

In addition to the designing activities strictly linked to the core business of the company, the Research & Development department of SPM Drink Systems is constantly involved in the study of new projects developed ad hoc to fulfil the requests of our customers, offering a comprehensive service from the evaluation of the feasibility of the projects, to prototyping, up to manufacturing.

> More than 50 years of experience to service our customers.

Our reality starts from far away, for accuracy it was 1961 in a garage. Since that moment we’ve learned something every day, we improved, we listened to the needs of our customers, we innovated and we defined new standards.

The experience we have gained in these years is probably the most precious asset we have and of which we are most proud.

We left the garage, grew up and established ourselves, becoming a market leader.
Today SPM Drink Systems is synonymous with professionalism and reliability.
Today our equipment is distributed all over the world.

Since 2018 we have become part of the Electrolux Professional group.